Expect nothing but shining black soundscapes from the depths of Melbourne’s shadows at night, Bambi is Australia’s best-kept secret; the embodiment of alternative in music and in the soul. Incorporating contemporary styles with a heavy influence from classic anarchy she is the kind of producer who will kick you in the teeth with a bass line and kiss you better with a hook, exactly what the current Australian music scene needs.

Massing millions of plays from remixing names like Marilyn Manson, Queen, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Korn, Evanescence to spinning darker twists on Halsey and Katy Perry; Bambi oscillates between styles and realms which make it impossible to pigeonhole and confine her to one blanket description, this Melbourne wild one is quintessentially a vibration of unfathomable skill and decadence.

With her tracks being signed to popular labels like Bomb Squad Records, Dark Sound Recordings & Hungry Koala Records, she's already massed an impressive following including support from industry heavyweights Bombs Away, Orkestrated, Ben Nicky, Mark Dekoda, Joel Fletcher, Chardy, Daniel Portman and many more.

Do not be fooled for one second into thinking that Bambi is another sellout club DJ - when she smiles behind the decks it's better to think of her as a wolf baring teeth and her signature sounding sets a battle cry into the night; waging war on the ordinary.